Roll Housing

All of our roller doors are fully enclosed in a roll housing that is designed to be fitted either above or below the lintel of your garage, depending on your preference.

We supply a fully enclosed roll housing because it is part of the machinery directive to stop entrapment, and ensures the longer lasting life of the internal mechanism. The enclosed roll housing is constructed out of strong and durable aluminium and can help protect your garage door from any accidental damage that can affect the functionality of your door.

Our roll housing and guide runners come as standard in white, but we do offer a colour match facility where possible as an optional extra.

Benefits Of A Roll Housing:

  • Provides a fascia for the door
  • Provides the curtain with weather protection all round
  • Protects the components of the door from dust or debris that can jam mechanisms
  • Creates a very neat appearance
  • Reduces operating noise
  • Increases the insulation and draught-proofing qualities of the door
  • Reduces the risk of fingers, ties, hair etc. being caught up in the mechanisms