Base Rails

Our base rails are made from extruded aluminium to increase the strength of the curtain of the door, ensuring the longevity of our roller garage doors. All of our base rails come as standard with a rubber strip in the bottom edge to help with insulation and noise reduction, while also working as a deterrent to pests and to provide protection against water ingress; our rubber seals help to keep your customers’ garages protected all year round.

Compact 55 Base Rail
The last slat of the Compact 55 base rail is an extruded aluminium slat, powder coated to match the curtain colour. The slat is hollow, 49mm high and 8.2mm thick; there is a small rubber insert at the bottom to cushion the door, with the rubber seal being 6mm wide and 6mm high.

Deluxe 77 Base Rail
The Deluxe 77 roller garage door has a base rail of powder coated extruded aluminium, made to match the colour of the door’s curtain. The slat is hollow, 78mm high and 18mm thick with a rubber seal 15mm in width and 15mm high.

Image of Base Rails.