Deluxe 77

Our Deluxe 77 roller garage doors are perfect for larger garages, but can be just as easily installed on smaller openings to provide functionality and efficiency while keeping the costs affordable.

This range of doors have a maximum opening width of 4.9m (16ft), and are well suited for single, large or double-sized garages. All our remote controlled Deluxe 77 roller doors come with two remotes as standard with two occupants in mind, meaning that neither user has to go without the added convenience and ease of use that remote access offers.

We create strong, durable and efficient doors with only 300mm (12 inch) square roll housing and 95mm (4 inch) guide runners the Deluxe 77 is designed to be as compact as possible to take up minimal storage space within your garage.

Our Deluxe 77 roller garage doors are available in a range of colours and with a number of optional extra features and safety functions to ensure ease of use and an attractive aesthetic, with additional handsets available if needed.

Roller doors supplied and installed from £825 (was £1,195)