Optional Extras

We have a range of optional extras that you can use with our roller doors to make your garage door even more practical and easy to operate. All of our additional components can be added to your order and installed by our team onsite to ensure they meet up with our exacting standards, giving you a full demonstration on their functionality while they are there.

External Manual Override
Although our doors come with internal manual override as standard we offer a external manual override system that can be installed into most garages to allow the door to be operated from both inside and outside of the garage. This is a very important feature for any person who doesn’t have an additional entrance to their garage to allow entry, preventing you from becoming locked out of your garage, whether due to misplaced keys or in the event of a power failure, preventing the need for a costly emergency call-out.

Image of External Manual Override.

Control Systems
We stock a high quality remote control system for use with all of our ranges of roller doors, as standard our doors come with hold to run closing operation, running 230V tube motors and supplied with two transmitter handsets.
We are proud to be associated with Somfy, one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic system and as such why not upgrade your door with a wireless safety edge devise which when installed on your door will mean a sensor will monitor the door when closing for the safety of you and your family. The control panel is fitted with close, open and stop buttons for operation within the garage and a courtesy light that activates when the door is in operation.

Image of Control Box.

Wireless Features
We stock a compatible range of wireless options which can be added to a garage door that is fitted with a wireless edge, such as wireless push buttons, wireless keypads, additional handsets and home automation kits.

Image of Wireless Keypad.

Hardwired Extras
We have a range of hardwired extras that are compatible with any of our roller doors and can be installed on the inside or outside of a garage to allow you to operate the door without the use of a handset. We have two switches in stock; a rocker switch and a key switch.

Image of Hardwired Extras.